Youth Mentoring Training for New Team Members

CAYM New Team Member Training is an online course that takes you through the best practices of safe and effective youth mentoring with the assistance of a online coach who reviews the material with you.

If your ministry or church is adding a new youth mentoring team member, we recommend that that they go through a training that covers a basic foundation of mentoring along with comprehensive instruction in nationally accepted best practices. CAYM covers these topics from a perspective of mentoring as Christian ministry that is impacting their community and churches.

Course overview
The course is a combination of readings, assignments, videos and live online coaching with a CAYM coach. Each person is assigned a experienced coach to help them understand and implement what is being learned covering:

  • Biblical Basis for Youth Mentoring: An overview of scriptures that describe the biblical call to mentor.
  • What Makes Mentoring Work? An examination of the social and psychosocial factors that make mentoring an essential part of the development of children and youth
  • Recruiting: Finding the right mentors and team members is the essential first step in successful mentoring youth. CAYM’s focus is on a church-based team approach to recruiting with a significant focus on recruiting men.
  • Screening: Once prospective mentors are recruited, the screening process helps your team determine who is best suited to be a mentor and what type of mentee would make the best match.
  • Mentor Orientation: Youth mentors need training that covers your organizations goals and values as well as the basics of how to have positive relationships with mentees. You will receive a DVD of CAYM’s orientation and instruction from the CAYM coach on how to modify the training for your organization’s needs.
  • Match Supervision: This essential step makes the difference between matches that reach desired outcomes and those that may frustrate mentors, mentees and families. Guidelines, timelines and practical approaches to helping matches thrive are the key elements of the supervision instruction.  
  • Matching: Many factors must be considered in order to match a mentee and mentor who will be able to build a trusting relationship. CAYM uses the latest research along with our decades of experience to help mentoring teams make the best possible matches.
  • Mid-year and Year-end Evaluations: These assessments help programs adjust strategies to help achieve desired outcomes while providing information on program effectiveness.
  • Closure: Every match needs a formal closing process to help the youth and adult understand how they grew and benefited from mentoring while laying a course for how that growth can impact the rest of their lives.

Cost $800/person. A discount is available for groups who will be trained together. Contact us for more information.