CAYM Workplace Mentoring

Many Christian CEOs want to impact their community for the kingdom of God while advancing their businesses. A safe, effective, and inexpensive mentoring program can help youth and adults in your community develop key job skills and a work ethic that can help them realize their God-given potential while they are seeking a career at the company. At the same time, mentors can provide an opportunity for mentees to understand the grace, power, and love of our Savior.

Impacting youth
Most of us are blessed to have had natural mentors through family, school, church, and a variety of other activities.  But many people have lacked positive role models, or need an additional guide, to help them navigate their way into the workplace. Mentors can provide the extra support they need to help them start on a career path. A fellow employee with a positive work experience can guide a young man or woman through their first six months on the job that often will make or break their ability to thrive at work. 

Impacting the community
We’ve all seen the numbers. Crimesubstance abuse, or disconnected youth not only impact those individuals and their families, but seriously affect the health and prosperity of entire communities. Mentoring helps them find and sustain employment that can build into a career which in turn provides strength and stability to a community

Impacting a corporation
Hiring good employees is central to successful businesses. A process of mentoring employees, or soon to graduate high school students, can provide your business with more a more stable and productive workforce. While this takes a commitment of time and resources, it can payoff in the short and long runs through more engaged and focused employees.

Impacting God’s Kingdom
Workplace mentoring, especially when done in partnership with churches and community nonprofits, can help bring the Good News to young men and women through the lives, commitments, and words of faithful employees. This is not about proselytizing through your company; it’s about being a living example of the love and power of God through a caring commitment to vulnerable youth and young adults.

How can CAYM help?
The Christian Association of Youth Mentoring can help you design a mentoring program that fits your corporation and community demographics, develop a strategic plan to implement the program, and provide the training, tools, and coaching to make mentoring a safe, effective, and valuable part of your company culture.

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