Online Core Training

Proper training and the tools to implement what is learned is key to running a safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring ministry. Whether the organization is a nonprofit agency or a church-based ministry, CAYM’s Online Core Training has what is needed to get the mentoring ministry started. CAYM’s staff has decades of experience in running mentoring programs. Since 2005, CAYM has helped hundreds of churches and nonprofits develop the best practices of safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring. CAYM’s Online Training helps recruit the right mentors, screen them thoroughly, provide excellent training and then coach them so that they will be effective and fulfilled as they build life transforming relationships with youth.

Evidence-based mentoring research indicates that mentoring programs that do not follow the established best practices of mentoring will do more harm to youth than good. CAYM’s Online Core Training Course is a 1-year engagement designed to equip and train nonprofits or churches in starting a safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring program. The training is a mix of personal coaching over the phone / video conference, training videos, webinars, and documents. CAYM has a comprehensive Training Plan that will provide you with all the training resources and materials you need to help you design, implement, manage, and evaluate your mentoring program.

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Part 1: Mentoring Ministry Setup
Step 1: Ministry Overview
Step 2: Ministry Design & Biblical Basis 
Step 3: Establish a Team
Step 4: What Makes Mentoring Work
Step 5: Recruiting
Step 6: Screening
Step 7: Mentor Training
Step 8: Supervision
Step 9: Matching
Step 10: Information Management Step
11: Risk Management
Part 2: Starting the Ministry Step
Step 1: Setup overview
Step 2: Starting the Recruiting Process
Step 3: Conducting a Screening Interview
Step 4: Organizing and Conducting an Orientation
Step 5: Making the Right Match
Step 6: Starting the Supervision Process
Step 7: Midyear Evaluation
Step 8: Yearend Evaluation
Step 9: Match Recognition
Step 10: Match Closure
Step 11: CAYM Review
How does the Online Training Work?
Once the team starts the CAYM Online Training, each team member will be given access to the Online Training site where there is a step-by-step training process. The team is able to work at their own pace. Below is a sample of one of the training modules (Step 5 Mentor Recruiting).

What is the time commitment?
The CAYM Online Training Course is designed as a 1 year engagement, in which, participants will receive 20 hours of training, over 8 hours of consulting, and it will require about 10 hours of prep work to customize forms and materials for the team. The mentoring team will be assigned a CAYM Coach who will work with them at their pace to complete the course and develop the mentoring program within a year. The church or organization must agree to our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which requires the support of the leadership to develop a mentoring program and agreement to develop a team and implement mentoring best practices.

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Cost: - $2,990

What Others Say About the CAYM Core Training:
Dr. Cozzette Lyons-Jones – Sarah’s Daughters Mentoring Program– Gardena, CA
While surfing the web one day, I discovered CAYM. I was not only drawn by its faith-based mission to assist with establishing mentoring programs alongside those who were new to mentoring ministry, but also by its call to assist existing programs to improve upon what they already had in their hands. I immediately signed up myself and two other staff leaders to attend a Core training. The partnership that soon followed between SD and CAYM has enhanced our program in ways that go beyond our initial reason for seeking their help. Not only were we provided in-depth training and information regarding every aspect of programming that was second to none, we were also given copies of their materials from form templates to pre-packaged videos to use in our own mentor orientations and trainings. The introduction to the online ministry tool, eWebLife, took us into the future of mentoring practices allowing us to better manage our members while maintaining greater privacy compliance.

Kris Forzley – Family of Friends, Portland, OR
A huge thank you for this weekend’s Core training in Corvallis! As a long-time program manager (since 1993) of mentoring programs, I was really impressed by the quality of the training and the people. My attention was captured and held. I look forward to the possibility of interacting with your organization again. You are the hands and feet of Christ.