CAYM's Tune-up program

Building on your strengths—addressing needs

Growing a safe, effective, and sustainable youth mentoring program can be very exciting, but it also comes with many challenges.  Would you value help with some of the challenges your ministry is facing?  

CAYM's team averages over 25 years experience in mentoring ministry. We have helped hundreds of ministries build on their strengths and tackle challenges ahead. Most ministries face challenges in recruiting mentors, building church partnerships, match retention, and a variety of other issues. Your can learn from CAYM's experience and knowledge that is valued in programs across the country.

CAYM's Tune-up provides consulting time and training to help your ministry to recruit and enable mentors to build transforming relationships with children, youth, and young adults. Here's what the Tune-up offers:

  • A self-evaluation process to assess your program's strengths and needs.
  • Two hours of online consulting time with CAYM's team to work through your evaluation and provide input on moving forward.
  • A one-hour checkup with CAYM's team after three months to review progress.
  • Two online advanced training sessions or modules for your team. 
We're flexible! We can modify our offering to meet your needs. Don't hesitate to ask!
Cost: $300

Contact us at for more information.