CAYM’s Youth Mentoring Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is part of CAYM's Gold Certification. Mentoring ministry brings the honor to God and has the most positive impact on its participants when it is done in a safe, effective, and sustainable manner. Examining your ministry's adherence to the best practices of mentoring is essential in this process.

Since its inception in 2005, CAYM has been using standards that are in line with nationally accepted best practices. These “Best Practices” are evidence-based procedures applied in a Christian context for mentoring ministries. When followed diligently, these allow a ministry to stay focused on the objective of providing safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring to youth. When mentoring is done with excellence, it honors God and enhances the perception of Christians in your community.
When a ministry completes the QA process and receives CAYM'S Gold Certification of Approval, your families, churches, and insurers have the assurance that your mentees are enrolled in a safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring program.
QA has set benchmarks, that when attained, will earn a ministry the respect of its peers. That ministry will join an elite group of mentoring ministries whose shared expertise and knowledge will strengthen mentoring in churches for years to come.
 CAYM's Quality Assurance will:

  • Help your ministry maintain consistent and high standards among mentoring ministries.
  • Help assure the safety of all the ministry participants by reviewing program practices.
  • Increase community confidence in your program by having your practices reviewed by a national program.
  • Increase the visibility of Christian mentoring in the church and the community at large that will result in more children and youth matched with faithful caring adults.
  • Lend credibility to the Christian mentoring movement nationally.
  • Create a clearing-house for mentoring knowledge and practice. Quality Assurance members will learn from each other and the greater mentoring world will benefit.
Quality Assurance can also:
  • Provide ministries with a structure that will maximize effectiveness.
  • Equip ministries with the systems required to sustain mentoring matches and the ministry for the years to come.
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