CAYM’s Youth Mentoring Quality Accreditations

 CAYM offers three levels of Quality Assurance (QA) Accreditation. Each of these Accreditations are included as part of our Bronze, Silver, and Gold program Accreditation packages. For well-established programs, we offer three levels of QA based on your program size and needs. By joining and maintaining CAYM membership, your program will be re-certified every three years without charge (other than any travel expenses for Gold Accreditation).

CAYM has been using standards that are in line with nationally recognized best practices since our inception in 2005. These “Best Practices” are evidence-based procedures which we apply in a Christian context for mentoring ministries. When followed diligently, these allow a ministry to stay focused on the objective of providing safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring to youth. When mentoring is done with excellence, it honors God and enhances the perception of Christians in your community.

Research indicates that impact increased the more best practices are applied in a program, and that programs that do not follow best practices can cause more harm than good.

Following evidence-based best practices is essential in developing and maintaining a safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring ministry. CAYM’s Quality Assurance reviews help a program verify their fidelity to those practices and offers solutions when changes are needed.  The QA Accreditation also assures mentees, parents, board members community partners, churches, and insurance companies that children can be entrusted safely into your care.

Bronze QA Accreditation: For smaller church ministries.

Silver QA Accreditation: For nonprofits seeking our Silver Certification for mentoring ministries or any program looking to have their practices reviewed and accredited. 

Gold QA Accreditation: Our most thorough process which includes onsite verification and training for or any program looking to have their practices reviewed and accredited.