CAYM certification indicates to families, churches, insurers, and your community that your organization is committed to conducting your work in a way that will safely and effectively strengthen youth, families, and your community.


CAYM’s Bronze Certification

CAYM'S Bronze Certification is designed for churches who are looking to start or further develop their mentoring programs. This certifies that:

  • You have engaged with your community in designing a ministry that builds on community strengths and meets the needs of youth and their families.

  • You have studied and implemented evidence-based best practices that ensure that your mentoring will be safe, effective, and sustainable.

  • You are committed to applying what you have learned in a way that honors God and strengthens his church.

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 Cost: $3,490

CAYM’s Silver Certification

CAYM's Silver certification is designed for nonprofit organizations or multi-church partnerships looking to start or expand their mentoring programs. Silver Certification includes all of the elements of the bronze certification plus onsite community assessment. This certifies that: 

  • You and CAYM’s team have met with community stakeholders—youth, families, as well as church and community leaders—to design a mentoring program that will connect generations and strengthen the community. 

  • That you have assessed the assets and needs of the community in order to devise a strategy that will engage kids, families, churches, and community organizations and attract mentors, community partners, and donors to your vision.

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Cost: $7,990
Travel costs included

CAYM’s Gold Certification

CAYM’s Gold Certification indicates to families, churches, insurers, and your community that your organization has made a deep investment in learning and implementing evidence-based practices that will safely and effectively strengthen youth, families, and your community. Gold Certification includes all of the elements of the silver certification plus onsite Quality Assurance reviews. 

 This certifies that: 

  • CAYM has conducted two onsite reviews of your mentoring ministry to ensure that you are following best practices in a way that ensures your program is safe, effective, and sustainable.

  • CAYM has interviewed mentees, families, mentors, and community partners and has reviewing program documentation to certify that you are dedicated to the highest level of nationally accepted best practices that will protect your youth, families, and the community. 

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Cost: $14,990
All travel costs included