Bronze Quality Assurance Accreditation

Assuring Safe, Effective, and Sustainable Mentoring

Mentoring ministry has the most positive impact on its participants when it is done in a safe, effective, and sustainable manner.  Examining your ministry's adherence to the best practices of mentoring is essential in this process.

When a ministry completes the QA process and receives CAYM'S Bronze QA Accreditation, your families, churches, and insurers have the assurance that your mentees are enrolled quality program they can trust.

    1. Self Evaluation: We help your program evaluate your mentoring practices (recruiting, screening, training, supervision and evaluation) to initially help us assess safety and effectiveness. 
    2. CAYM conducts an online review of your ministry to assess program safety and effectiveness while making recommendations on program sustainability and growth. This includes interviews with: 
      • Mentees
      • Parents
      • Mentors
      • Church pastor
    3. CAYM reviews online the documentation of best practices including ministry forms, screening and supervision procedures, training materials, as well as a review of their use in the program. Your team will receive a report summarizing QA results and recommendations. 
    4. Ongoing coaching is provided after the review to guide the program on making any recommended enhancements. 
    5. By joining and maintaining CAYM Membership, your program will be re-certified every three years without charge.    
Cost: Bronze QA Accreditation is included in our Bronze Certification package. 
New members can be certified by joining our membership program:
  • Initial fee; $1000
  • Yearly membership fee: $500 includes re-certification every three years along with access to advanced training and consulting with CAYM's team.
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