Youth Mentoring Programs

Every youth needs a mentor. 

It is a part of God’s natural design for human development—and in helping those reach their God-given potential. Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship where an older mature person serves as a role-model to a youth. This can take many different forms but always includes a personal connection where mentor and mentee build a trusting relationship. 

CAYM has helped over 600 nonprofits and churches start and grow safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring programs. Our trainers help design and implement mentoring programs focused on local community strengths, needs, and aspirations. 

CAYM has experienced trainers and consultants who average over 25 years in evidence-based mentoring in Christ-centered ministries. Check out our training and programs page to find out how to get started. 

Need help with mentoring?

CAYM has the training and resources that can help you start or expand your mentoring program. Our First Steps booklet gives an overview of CAYM’s approach to running a safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring ministry. We can email a booklet to you that will take you through the process of building a thriving program. Click here to request the booklet. 

Youth Mentor Training & Programs

Mentoring is an fundamental tool in helping children and youth find their way in life. Unfortunately, many youth lack natural mentors who can guide them through the often difficult task of growing up. Mentoring that is safe, effective and sustainable takes a dedicated team of people who can promote and manage the ministry. CAYM can help you build a new mentoring program or make your existing ministry more effective. Check out our Services to learn more.

The art of being faithful

I was shocked the morning he held out his tiny hand towards me inviting me to walk to the reading room to join the other preschoolers reading with their parents. The school asked me to be his reading buddy months prior, only to be rejected by him weekly for the greater part of the semester. Even the principal, who asked me to mentor this little, troubled tyke, suggested I move on and stop wasting time. I decided to stay faithful and show up – and this made all the difference in the life of this four-year-old known as “the worst kid in the school.” 

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help a youth get matched with a caring Christian mentor

How Can I Start a Youth Mentoring Program ?

Mentoring is essential – but it's not easy. Learn the basics of how to make mentoring safe, effective and sustainable.