Our association works within churches, organizations, and communities to mobilize Christians in order to reach youth and families through relationships with caring Christians. CAYM  has the following initiatives:

  1. To promote mentoring nationally through our website, materials, conferences, teaching, trainings, and speaking engagements.
  2. To actively teach organizations how to begin or further develop their own safe and effective mentoring ministry with proven and best practices in a Christian context.
  3. To provide materials and resources that help a mentoring ministry organize and manage their own program safely, efficiently, and effectively. This program, through your leadership team, teaches how to develop and retain long lasting mentoring relationships.
  4. To initiate an association "network" so that all mentoring ministries can connect and discuss needs and concerns. 
  5. To change the life of a child by forming an accountability bond and caring partnership within a multi-generational relationship.
  6. To plant and water the love of Christ within the hearts of our young people throughout America.
  7. To be part of the kingdom on earth and help revive this nation in the name of Jesus Christ.

     statement of faith