Vision - Mission

Our Vision: A faithful mentor for every youth who needs and wants a role-model

Our Mission: To establish and enhance safe, effective and sustainable mentoring programs in churches and communities.

  • Change a Life

    To create and promote a movement where every Christian sees mentoring as a vital tool in reaching youth, especially our fatherless or motherless, whether they are in the church or out in the community. To this end, we seek to unite believers to:

    • Call the church to mentor fatherless and motherless youth and families within their congregations and their communities.
    • Help churches and ministries start safe and effective mentoring programs by teaching the best practices of mentoring in a Christian context and to support those ministries through coaching and ongoing training.
    • Support those already involved in Christian mentoring through training, resources, conferences and networking.
    • Provide resources for ministry development, expansion, and maintenance.
    • Equip those called to mentor through training and coaching.

  • Help a Child

    To train and support churches and ministries in developing safe and effective mentoring with youth and their families strengthening outreach and evangelism programs within the body of Christ. 

    • Assist churches and ministries by providing training, materials, and ongoing support so they may focus on connecting youth with mature Christian men and women.
    • Help ministry teams establish the best practices of safe and effective mentoring.
    • Train leadership teams through our highly successful "Core Training" seminars.
    • Offer "Advanced Training" sessions to those that have graduated from CAYM Core Training.
    • Encourage churches and organizations to join the CAYM "Associate Program" upon receiving Core Training for important on-going coaching and education via webinars, resources, and networking.