CAYM's Mentor Orientation

CAYM's Mentor Orientation Package can only obtained as part of our online or onsite engagement programs. 

Proper mentor orientation and  training is one of the essential best practices of mentoring. CAYM's Mentor Orientation Package will help you prepare your mentors to build life transforming relationships with youth. At the same time, each mentor will be challenged to new heights of personal and spiritual development. Here's one recommendation from a college professor:

Highly recommended! You will learn as much about yourself as the “at risk” children and families you will be helping. The four-hour session incorporates short lectures, videos, and group interaction. One of the most professional and insightful counseling training sessions I have ever attended.
Robin Antepara, PhD. Lincoln Memorial University

This training package is designed so that you will be able to teach it yourself.  It can modify it for your own community and program mission. If you do not want to teach all the sessions, a DVD is included with teaching from leading mentoring experts. Here's what's included
  • Training Templates:
    • PowerPoint Presentation: You can edit this presentation to focus on the vision and goals of your own program.
    • Teacher's guide
    • Participant's guide (In Microsoft Word format)
  • Training DVD: Made in conjunction with Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program
Training Outline

Part I: Introduction
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Overview of Mentoring
  • Biblical Basis for Mentoring
Part 11: Understanding Your Mentee
  • Worldview: Understanding yourself and your mentee
  • Listening Skills
  • Developing Empathy
Part III: Sharing Your Heart and Faith
  • Actions Speak...
  • ...Louder Than Words
  • Sharing Your Faith
Part IV: You and Your Match
  • What Does My Match Need?
  • What Will We Do Together?
  • How Do I Relate to the Parents?
  • How Do I Draw Boundaries?
  • What If Something Goes Wrong?
  • How Will the Mentoring Program Help Me?