Our History

The Christian Association of Youth Mentoring was discussed at a summit of over 15 mentoring ministries meeting in Phoenix, Arizona in 2003. The group realized the need to have a cohesive organization that could help bond Christian mentoring nation-wide. CAYM was the answer. A follow-up meeting in Breckenridge, Colorado in 2004 resulted in the formation of a provisional Board of Directors. Their mandate was to begin forming such an organization. CAYM was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in March 2005.

In our initial formation, CAYM merged with two organizations to more effectively meet the needs of the Christian mentoring community. The Christian Mentoring Institute (CMI) and Long Island Youth Mentoring (LIYM). CMI became the foundation for our training, and LIYM, an organizational model. CAYM was originated in response to the many requests from churches and ministries for assistance in starting and expanding their mentoring programs. John Cragg, Chairman of LIYM, serves on our CAYM board of directors today.

CAYM's main focus has been to work with others in the Christian community to help bring mentoring into the DNA of  American churches. We do this through training, equipping and coaching church and parachurch organizations to either establish or enhance their mentoring ministries. 

CAYM Today

CAYM is a nation-wide ministry that trains leadership teams in churches and organization to fully understand, recognize, and implement the Best Practices of mentoring. We teach how to build a solid team composed of leaders that coordinate the mentoring initiative. The church or organization receives information on how to find mentors, screen mentors, supervise, and coordinate the activities involved with the program. With your designated person empowered to manage the process, team leaders are put in place and instructed. Through the CAYM Associate Program, your church will receive on-going training through resources, updates, networking, webinars, and on-line training that have been reviewed and accepted by the CAYM standards. With these tools, the CAYM Associates receive everything needed to sustain and expand your ministry. We also provide a "coach" from our staff who is available to help guide your team when questions arise.

CAYM focuses on training & teaching with current and relevant information in order to establish a solid church-run ministry. Our goal is to have successful mentoring programs available through a large network of churches and organizations throughout the county.

Learn how to begin this process with our First Steps booklet freely available to you. Please call us at 508-870-0876 or email at Info@CAYM.org to get started. We are here to help you.