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Within the past two years you participated in an amazing journey of discovery through Summit Ministries’ Grow Together Church Experience.  During that time, I’m sure that you were inspired to reconnect the generations in your church and use the wisdom and faith of the older to equip the younger in their pursuit of Christ.
We all  have seen an increase in negative behavior among young people in our  nation and perhaps in our churches as well.  Stories like the shooting in a Florida high school have become more and more common and we often have wondered, “What must be done to stop this?!”  Walking through this curriculum helped us understand how the issue of disconnected generations is at the core of our societal problems.  Recognizing this, we can start to bring real change and hope. 
CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF YOUTH MENTORING (CAYM) is excited to team with Summit Ministries and connect with those who would like to fully implement the concepts of the Grow Together curriculum. Our organization has worked for the past 13 years around the nation helping hundreds of churches confront this generational divide that has left young people starving for love, encouragement, and guidance from caring adults.  

The key is to follow a proven strategy of intentional relationships and adhere to proper guidelines for positive experiences and measured growth to occur.  Our CAYM team trains, equips, and coaches your church to launch a safe and effective mentoring ministry every step of the way, including:

Grow Together prepared your hearts and opened your minds to the need young people have for caring adult MENTORS, just like you!  Let us seize this great moment!  The Church is poised to lead the way in true societal change.  It begins inside our church walls and will spread throughout our communities as we mentor younger generations in true love, belonging, and identity.
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