YFC and CAYM Team Up

Youth for Christ (YFC) and CAYM are working together to develop mentoring in ten cities that have YFC programs. The focus is on helping YFC staff develop pilot projects for mentoring in three of their key ministry areas:

  • Juvenile justice
  • Teen parents
  • City Life 
CAYM is working with YFC chapters to help them in three ways:
  • Design: The first step in developing an effective mentoring program is to understand the culture of he community and how mentoring can be an asset within that system. CAYM helps YFC staff assess the strengths and needs of the youth, families and community in order to tailor an mentoring initiative that will empower youth and the community to thrive. 
  • Implementation: Once the program is designed, CAYM is helping the staff implement best practices training, administrative tools and program resources.
  • Assessment: Each chapter enrolls in CAYM's Quality Assurance program which reviews and monitors best practices to ensure that the mentoring program is safe, effective and sustainable.

So far, 8 cities have been selected as we start the initiative:
  • Miami
  • Chicago
  • San Antonio
  • Sacramento
  • Louisville
  • San Diego
  • Wellsville, NY
  • Missoula, MT