Dr Cozzette Lyons-Jones - Sarah's Daughters Mentoring Program, Gardena, CA

While surfing the web one day, I discovered CAYM. I was not only drawn by its faith-based mission to assist with establishing mentoring programs alongside those who were new to mentoring ministry, but also by its call to assist existing programs to improve upon what they already had in their hands. I immediately signed up myself and two other staff leaders to attend a Core training. The partnership that soon followed between SD and CAYM has enhanced our program in ways that go beyond our initial reason for seeking their help. Not only were we provided in-depth training and information regarding every aspect of programming that was second to none, we were also given copies of their materials from form templates to pre-packaged videos to use in our own mentor orientations and trainings. The introduction to the online ministry tool, eWebLife, took us into the future of mentoring practices allowing us to better manage our members while maintaining greater privacy compliance. The ongoing advice and updates on the latest tools available has been invaluable to our program. Sarah’s Daughters’ growth is in large part due to our partnership with CAYM and its competent, God-focused leadership and staff.

Kris Forzley - Family of Friends, Porland, OR

A huge thank you for this weekend’s Core training in Corvallis!  As a long-time program manager (since 1993) of mentoring programs, I was really impressed by the quality of the training and the people.  My attention was captured and held.  I look forward to the possibility of interacting with your organization again.  You are the hands and feet of Christ.


Marci Dutile - Brunswick Church of Christ, Brunswick, NJ

Prior to attending the CAYM Core training I researched on the Internet on who could help our church start a mentoring youth program and every site I found linked back to CAYM in some way.  From the first phone call I made to each contact with them thereafter, the people were personable and patient, eager to assist our small church. I attended their training in NYC and was warmly welcomed and greatly encouraged by the focus CAYM had.  They didn’t just have their own agenda or information to lecture; they passionately and professionally presented the real story of youth growing up without anyone.  A large enough crowd from all different denominations attended, but it was also small enough to dig deep and feel like a family in just a couple of days.  Their expertise was inspiring because they lived what they taught. I am sure that God lead me to this team at CAYM to not simply help our church but to prepare me for something in the future that extends beyond the walls of our church. Thank you CAYM for having a vision and a love to attend to the vulnerable youth and to train others to do the same. 

Todd Kleppen - Ignite Youth Mentoring, Tri-Cities, WA

CAYM’s Core training has brought to our ministry all the necessary needs, tools, and other ideas needed to help us kick start our mentoring program. Our enormous success in our area is due to the foundational building blocks given to us from CAYM.  It was and is still a blessing to us to have people we can talk with, bounce ideas off of, and get input as to what we want to do within our organization to better the lives of youth within our community.

Dana Olson - Gloucester Assembly of God, Gloucester, MA

Our church was looking for a way to connect with our community to make a REAL difference. Through God’s unique way and timing, CAYM connected with us about the possibility of starting a mentoring program. We attended the training to “get more information” about mentoring and left the training equipped to begin. The resources and experience that CAYM bring was instrumental in bringing us to the place we are today… transforming our community one child and one family at a time.

Steve Seaton - IAM4kids Mentoring, Lawrenceburg, TN

After attending CAYM’s Core training I began to use their tools, online resources, and over the phone consulting to build a mentoring program that has now grown into a full-time position with 25 current matches. I could not have built this program, nor would I even have attempted, without the help of CAYM.

Robert Cormell - Mentor ONE, El Paso, TX

When we first dreamed of starting a mentoring program in our city, we were immediately overwhelmed at the thought of developing a program from scratch. Where do you even start? Attending the CAYM Core training gave us the tools and the support we needed to not only get off the ground, but to be successful with our program. We are eternally grateful for CAYM and many kids in our area are now enjoying the benefits of a Godly mentor. We highly recommend this training to anyone interested in starting a mentoring program.