Supervising Mentoring Relationships: Coaching Guidelines for Churches and Ministries

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An excellent resource, not only for churches and ministries, but for the field of youth mentoring. By combining the latest empirical evidence with a depth of practice wisdom, this handbook prepares adults to engage in the "art" of mentoring. Match supervision is one of the key best practices for making mentoring safe and effective. Mentoring and coaching are not easy, and volunteers need steady support throughout the entire cycle of the relationship. By presenting a clear rationale, helpful guidelines, vivid case studies, and success stories, this book, which will go a long way toward providing that support.

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Endorsements for "Supervising Mentoring Relationships"

In my more than 50 years of working with young people, I have searched for the right training manual to help mentor supervisors provide quality match support. Supervising Mentoring Relationships: Coaching Guidelines for Churches and Ministries presents a model that ought to be used by all mentoring organizations who are interested in positive outcomes for children. In short, it is the best I have seen. 

W. Wilson Goode Sr., president and CEO, Amachi, Inc., former mayor of Philadelphia

“Finally, a guidebook for those managing church-based mentoring programs! Supervising Mentoring Relationships is packed with practical, time-tested ideas that guarantee a successful mentoring program.  A brilliant piece of work!  As someone deeply committed to faith-based mentoring, this will be my go-to-guide for many years to come.”

David Van Patten, president; CEO, Dare Mighty Things

Match supervision is a vital component of any solid mentoring program.  The coaching strategies presented in Supervising Mentoring Relationships:  Coaching Guidelines for Churches & Ministries are a culmination of years of collective field experience by its authors, and includes references to the latest literature by experts in mentoring ministry.  This comprehensive book will empower mentoring programs to incorporate sound, evidence-based principles of overseeing mentoring matches for successful outcomes.  It is an excellent resource for emerging and well-established mentoring programs. 

Cozzette Lyons-Jones, M. D., founder & board director, Sarah’s Daughters Mentoring Program

While mentoring has experienced tremendous growth in recent years on a national scale--both with secular and Christian organizations--materials dedicated to training and support for those who run these programs has been lagging. I'm excited to see the quality and care that is represented in this newly released manual. Peter and Donnovan bring years of ministry experience to the content development, which is followed by citing practical examples and case studies that are contemporary and relevant for those working with hurting youth.

Juergen Kneifel, board director, Big Brothers Big Sisters Snohomish County; former CAYM board director; Mentoring Consultant; founder and director, Mission2mentor