Online Core Engagement

CAYM's Online Core Training is  a mixture of videos, readings and "homework" that is facilitated through  twelve hours of video conferences with CAYM coaches in order to help you develop a safe, effective and sustainable mentoring ministry. This course is designed specifically for churches that want to start or enhance a mentoring ministry. While it can be adapted for those working in a nonprofit organization, we recommend that nonprofits review our Core Engagement plan and contact us directly. 

The training is in two parts. Part 1 (see below) takes you through the ministry design process and best practices of mentoring. Part II helps you implement what you learned through a series of demonstration videos, worksheets and video conferences. Contact us for more information about out training. 

Cost: $2990

Online Core Training Part 1 Outline

Step 1: Ministry overview: This initial step gives you an overview of mentoring ministry and how to get the most out of the course. 
Step 2: Ministry Design: In this step you will work with your CAYM coach to evaluate your community and resources in order to design a ministry that meets your mission and vision.
Step 3: Establishing a Leadership Team: It takes a team to run an effective mentoring ministry. In this part, we will help you look at the roles that need to be filled and how to recruit team members. ________________________________________________________________
Step 4: What Makes Mentoring Work: This is a broad look on the social, spiritual and psychological factors that make mentoring effective.
Step 5: Mentor Recruiting: An effective recruiting plan based on your needs and resources is essential. There will be a specific emphasis on recruiting men, which is a challenge for most churches/organizations, although the principles can be applied to both genders.
Step 6: Screening: Our screening techniques have been developed and refined for over three decades. This step will give you the process and skills to ensure that all your mentors will be effective in their relationships. 
Step 7: Mentor Orientation: You will be given a DVD that was produced in cooperation with Prison Fellowships Angel Tree program that you can use to facilitate your mentor orientation and training. Templates for PowerPoint presentations as well as teacher and participant manuals that you can customize to fit your ministry can be downloaded.
Step 8: Supervision - Coaching Mentoring Relationships: This is the most crucial - as well as the most overlooked - element of safe and effective mentoring. All mentoring relationships must be supervised or "coached" in order to ensure that your goals and objectives are met.
Step 9: Matching: CAYM will give you the basis for matching mentors with mentees along with the procedures for making the match.
Step 10: Getting Started: We will outline a step-by-step plan of starting the mentoring ministry. Part II will take you through this process.
Step 11: Information Management: There are two ways that you can keep track of the information and data for your mentoring matches. We will give you an outline of both the manual and online versions.
Step 12 Risk Management: There is risk in everything. This section takes you through a plan to minimize risk to youth, mentors and your church/organization. 

Online Training Overview

Table 1      Part 1: Mentoring Ministry Setup
Part 2: Starting the Ministry
Step 1: Ministry Overview
Step 1: Setup
Step 2: Ministry Design
Step 2: Starting the Recruiting Process
Step 3: Establish a Team
Step 3: Conducting a Screening Interview
Step 4: What Makes Mentoring Work
Step 4: Organizing & Conducting an Orientation
Step 5: Recruiting
Step 5: Making the Right Match
Step 6: Screening
Step 6: Starting the Supervision Process
Step 7: Mentor Training
Step 7: Midyear Evaluation
Step 8: Supervision
Step 8: Yearend Evaluation
Step 9: Matching
Step 9: Match Recognition
Step 10: Information Management
Step 10: Match Closure
Step 11: Risk Management