Taking Your Ministry to the Next Level

Some  programs are doing well but see the need to improve or grow. Others feel stalled because they are not reaching the desired outcomes either in terms of the number of mentors involved or in seeing growth in the lives of kids. Others feel like they have never found the right formula to make mentoring work.

These are questions we often hear from established mentoring programs: 

  • How do we incorporate intentional mentoring into our current ministry format?
  • How can we recruit more volunteers - especially men!
  • How can we retain our current mentors?
  • How do we scale our ministry to reach more kids while not bankrupting our program?
  • Where can we get the money to expand?
  • How can keep our staff trained and prepared?
  • Can we see greater transformation in the lives of youth?
  • How can we connect kids to churches?
CAYM can you help your program no matter what situation you are facing. Our staff have decades of mentoring experience working with diverse populations in a wide variety of settings. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help. You can also review our services page to get an overview of what we offer.