Supervising Mentoring Relationships

Now available from the Christian Association of Youth Mentoring

 This booklet will take you through the process
Supervising Mentoring Relationships: Coaching Guidelines for Churches and Ministries is an excellent resource, not only for churches and ministries, but for the field of youth mentoring. By combining the latest empirical evidence with a depth of practice wisdom, this handbook prepares adults to engage in the "art" of mentoring. Match supervision is one of the key best practices for making mentoring safe and effective. Mentoring and coaching are not easy, and volunteers need steady support throughout the entire cycle of the relationship. By presenting a clear rationale, helpful guidelines, vivid case studies, and success stories, this book, which will go a long way toward providing that support.   more information

First Steps

This booklet will take you through the process of determining if you should start a mentoring ministry and how to take the first step. Christian Association of Youth Mentoring (CAYM) strives to develop and sustain mentoring ministries through training, materials and networking. As you go through this booklet you will learn how CAYM can help.  Request a copy.

Best Practices

This booklet offers standards for your ministry that you need to put into practice and abide by and some "recommendations" that your ministry should strongly consider. By following the best practices as outlined in this document, mentoring ministries can stay focused on their objectives of providing safe and effective mentoring that is God honoring in its objectives and practice.    view/download