CAYM Boards

Board of Directors  Board of Reference

Tony Tibshirani
Space Time Consultants
CAYM Board Chairman

Stuart Epperson
Salem Communications, Chairman

Dr Cozzette Lyons-Jones
Healthcare Partners Medical Group
Founder & Board Member of Sarah's Daughters Mentoring
Faculty at Cottonwood Leadership College

John Cragg
Executive Director
Long Island Youth Mentoring
CAYM Board Treasurer

Mark Clausen
Clausen and Company
CAYM Secretary

Rev Dr. Wilson Goode, Sr
President, Amachi Mentoring
Former Mayor of Philadelphia, PA
CAYM Board Member
Kaye Arthur
Precept Ministries
Chattanooga, TN

Dr. Tony Evans
Senior Pastor
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Dallas, TX

Dr. Ervin Lutzer
Senior Pastor
Moody Church
Chicago, IL

Dr. Frank Wright 
National Religious Broadcasters
Manassas, VA